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A company that is creating a mark in the edible oil industry.

Welcome to N&T Engitech Pvt. Ltd. It gives me great pride in sharing with you something about this up and coming company.

We have actively been developing manufacturing Edible oil refineries and related plants,Cement industry, spares. We pride ourselves in our understanding and knowledge of the local regional markets whilst offering our clients and candidates access to the global network.

N&T, formally established in the year 2010, has been consistently expanding its foothold since its inception and continually striving to grow more and more with the help of its trusted and experienced employees. We have helped hundreds of businesses succeed with their projects. We have built about $15 million worth of projects since then and continually growing.

All of this came into existence after N&T started out as a trading company after registering in 2010 with a big plan to revolutionize this industry. Our exceptional quality of material accompanied with highly skilled workforce and deep belief in our principles enable us to grow each day and gain new customers each day. All of these enable us to take up and deliver challenging projects on time and turn first-time customers into returning projects.

Building for the future

We began our journey in 2010 and have since then, slowly and gradually established a good reputation in the edible oil and cement industry sector for being an innovative company with strong supply chain and an ever-expanding market presence. We started out small by trading spares and equipment, gradually expanding our business through India as well as the Gulf and the African sub continent. Currently there is a huge potential in the edible oil and cement industry sector that remains untapped due to various reasons such as lack of proper technology, manpower, materials, improper supply chain etc. We aim to tap that potential to create employment opportunities, growth and advancements in the industry.

A Solid Partner

We realize the importance of developing good relation with our clients, to understand their requirements and maintaining those relations. It is only because of our precious clients, their invaluable support and new opportunities that today we are successful in covering almost every aspect pertaining to engineering as well as Procurement and Construction of the Edible oil industry and cement industry. We aim to cover each and every aspect of the edible oil and cement industry field and we will achieve this goal with our dedication and your continued support.

Redefining Q&S

Quality of products, ingenuity and reliability form the core of N&T’s operations, which are then coupled with a high level of professionalism and first-class service to provide you with only the best. N&T employees bring with them a depth of knowledge, experience and expertise which can only be gained from studying and working in different countries around the globe, while the company itself has formed a series of strategic alliances designed to expand the scale and scope of its operations.

I appreciate your time taken to explore our website. Whether you are a potential / current client, a professional looking to make a career change or a candidate seeking a top-quality opportunity, we always have something to offer.

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