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Full Range of Key Engineering Services to Cement Industry worldwide From Design to Execution for cement Plants

Full Range of Key Engineering Services to Cement Industry worldwide From Design to Execution for cement Plants Core Services Include Feasibility Study, Basic Engineering, Procurement Services, Pre bid Engineering,
Detailed Engineering
A) Mechanical
B) Process
C) Civil Structural
D) Electrical & Instrumentation
E) Automation Engineering

» Review/reassess the basic specifications for plant and machinery and other relevant features of the Project.
» Prepare preliminary plant layouts and process flow sheet based on the agreed preliminary layout with the objective of keeping the capital and operating costs at the optimum level, designs various systems.
» Prepare a concept report covering system for the various plant services (Compressed air, Water storage, distribution, Plant illumination, Workshop, laboratory, fire fighting etc.).

» Preparation of Procurement Specifications.
» Pre Bid/ Clarification Meetings.
» Tender Evaluation and Clarification Meeting.
» Purchase Recommendations.
» Contract Documentation.

» Prepare final layout and flow sheet based on the main machinery selected, with proper code.
» Review and approve data and drawings from suppliers.
» Prepare general arrangement drawings for ducting and chutes.
» Review & approve fabrication drawings (steel GAs) for all chutes, ducts. Belt conveyor galleries,trestles, short supports, foundations and transfer towers.
» Prepare steel GA’s for any interface areas, where required.
» Procurement Services - Mechanical Contractor.
» System design for power system, Earthing system and lightning protection system for the plant, based on the machinery selected, approved layout/ flow-sheet and to keep the    capital and operatingcosts at the optimum level.
» Procurement Services – Electrical Equipment.
» Scrutinize the GA drawings, power and control schematics and design details for the equipment submitted by the suppliers.
» Prepare layout drawings and general arrangement with fixing detail for various electrical systems in the plant.
» Procurement Services - Electrical Contractor.

» Prepare control concept of the plant, identify number of control rooms, type of microprocessor controls, control loops for optimised operation of the plant, system architecture for central control based on latest programmable controllers available.
» Procurement Services - total C&I system as a single turnkey package.
» Scrutinise the GA drawings, control schematics, interface/inter-connection diagrams, I/O addresses etc submitted by the supplier.
» Prepare detailed design and schemes for various components of the C&I system for the entire plant.

Civil and Structural
» Prepare specifications for releasing to tenders for carrying out soil investigation and topographic survey work to the extent required. Supervise and   evaluate soil investigation results and topographic survey carried out by independent external specialist agencies.
» Design foundations, buildings and structurals in conformity with the project engineering and general arrangement drawings for the process     departments and material handling sections. Foundations will be designed on the load data provided by different suppliers of the machinery.
» The design of all duct supports, conveyor belt supports / foundations, bins and hoppers, stacks,stairs, platforms, railing etc shall form part of civil       design scope.
» Prepare RCC working drawings to enable the civil contractor(s) to prepare bar bending schedule and execute the work at site.
» Prepare structural steel drawings (Steel GA’s only) “Good for fabrication” giving details of structural system, shape and size of members, splices details for the members to enable the fabricator to prepare shop floor details.
» Prepare schematic drawings for the plant services within the plant area such as Roads, drainage, Sanitary system etc.
» Procurement Services - Civil and structural Contractor.
On Site Field services are specialized supervisory services rendered by functional experts in the multi
discipline domain for installation of cement plant in a cohesive manner.
Engineers specializing in civil construction, structural fabrication and equipment erection provide designer
supervision during the implementation phase of the project. They, additionally, assist in start-up and plant
commissioning by ensuring that individual items of plant and machinery and the department/ plant as a
whole, meet performance criteria as laid down in the specifications, both qualitatively and quantitatively.
» Provide designer’s supervision for the construction of plant foundations, buildings and structures as
per civil construction drawings.
» Provide Designers' supervision for the site fabrication and erection of all main and auxiliary
machinery and equipment by the contractors/erectors to ensure smooth execution of the project.
» Supervise the commissioning of individual machinery/departments and plant as a whole.
» Ensure that the plant and machinery individual unit-wise, department-wise and total system-wise,
meet the performance criteria both qualitatively and quantitatively as laid down in the specifications.
» Follow-up and evaluate progress of civil construction, mechanical erection and electrical/
instrumentation installation work.
» Recommendation for remedial measures to be taken in case of unforeseen deviations from the
agreed schedules.
» Review field modifications and changes requested by the general contractor and advice on changes
to be effected.
» Final check of all works upon completion and issuing of deficiency lists and pertinent completion
Inspection, observation and monitoring of the results of construction tests such as concrete, soil,
electrical, pipe pressure tests, structural steel welding
Plant Production /Process Quality Optimization study
» Data Analysis
  •   Raw mix design
  •   Heat, mass & gas balance
  •   Assessment of efficiency for critical fans
  •  Assessment of various unit operations
  •  Capacity Assessment – de-bottlenecking, modernizing and potential hidden capacity
  •  Benchmarking
  •  Key strengths
  •  Key areas of improvement
» Report coverage
  •  Plant’s strengths and weaknesses
  •  Key Performance Indicators: Actuals vs. planned
  •  Benchmarking
  •  Assets’ Condition
  •  Areas of Concern covering quarry  plant, quality, environment, etc
  •  Improvement potential
  •  Main recommendations
  •  Action plans
  •  Relevance of action plans
  •  Possible gains
  •  Detailed action plans with responsibilities and time frame for execution
  •  Guidance in implementation of action plans, as required
The service can typically:
» Answer such questions and help the owner take corrective timely actions.
» Keep a continuous watch on assets performance.
» Guide owner (through action plans) as to what needs to be done to improve overall returns on investments.
 To perform the above service, we undertake quarterly visits to the plant (by a group of people from various
disciplines) and an Asset Fitness model is developed. The results are presented to the owners and action
plans are finalised and put into implementation.
The above services are provided at a nominal cost and may result into:
  •  Periodic assessment of various assets.
  •  Timely intervention, in case of need.
  •  Improving plant life and resources.
  •  Increasing revenues, cost savings and improving returns on investments.
  •  In our 35 years of experience, we have done substantial work on performance enhancement of various cement projects.
  •  We possess the necessary experience for plant operation, as well as skills to upgrade the plants.
  •  We have large databases for benchmarking plant operations and follow best practices prevalent in the industry.
  •  We have a continuous source of feedback on the performance, maintenance and operations related aspects of all the renowned cement manufacturers   and suppliers   worldwide.
Cost optimization study is crucial to maximize returns under the given constraints, by maximizing desired factors and minimizing undesired ones.
Costs of running a plant are escalating every year and cement plants have limited influence on external variables such as market prices, fuel cost, etc. Thus, the focus, today, for improving the bottom line is on optimizing operations and reducing costs. Some of the cost optimization possibilities are follows:
  •  Optimization of available raw material, correctives, additives, fuel.
  •  Measures to enhance life of mines.
  •  Optimum utilization of equipment, enhanced performance/ efficiency.
  •  Control on stores and spares/consumables, saving in direct cost.
  •  Reduction in energy consumption.
  •  De-bottlenecking and modernization.
  •  Reduction in Logistics Cost.
  •  Sales Dispatch Rationalization.
  •  Product Mix Optimization.
  •  Optimizing organization structure.
Cost Optimization involves:
  •  Identification of Cost Drivers: List areas which have significant contribution to cost.
  •  Data Collection: Organize data on cost influencers.
  •  Activity Cost Head Matrix: Map the cost against activities which influence cost.
  •  Benchmarking against Industry Standards: Compare the process and costs against the industry standards to better under the improvement areas.
  •  Analysis: Analyzing the data with help of statistical tools like linear programming.
  •  Strategic Option: Define the steps for cost optimization.
  •  Action Plans: Layout the action plan for implementation of proposed cost optimization measures.

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