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Edible Oil Refinery

The procedure of edible oil refining consists of the five steps that are

The procedure of edible oil refining consists of the five steps that are:

  1. Degumming

  2. Neutralization

  3. Bleaching

  4. De-waxing

  5. Deodorization 

  6. Winterization

The conventional method is recognized as the Chemical Refining process and in this process free fatty acids of the crude oils is neutralized with the caustic soda. This technique can be utilized for consistently refining virtually all types of crude oils, including oils of the little quality with an exemption of the castor oil. In a substitute method for the physical refining of edible oil, the free types of the fatty acids are detached by the distillation of one phase of the deodorizing. The basic criterion for using this technique is that the crude oils should be degummed as efficiently as possible, though this is only probable to a limited degree with a number of the crude oil qualities. Other oils for example the cottonseed oil or the fish oils are basically not appropriate for the physical refining.

The N&T management team consists of experts who have a vast experience in Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Edible Oil Refineries for over more than 15 years. This makes our management highly reliable to provide you best facilities. We have made it a company policy to work standard specification and drawings. We undertake operations like Manufacturing, Installation, Erection and Fabrication of Equipment related to Cooking Oil Refineries such as Bleachers, Separators, Vacuum System, Slurry Mixtures, PLF, Hermetical Filters, Polish Filters, Cooling Towers, Boilers, Air Receivers, PRV, Bleaching Dosing System, Phosphoric Dosing System, Citric Dosing System etc. We also carry out fabrication of pipes, instrumentation as well as accessories work according to the project requirements.

Hydro Tests as well as RT (Radiography Test) are also performed by us in order to ensure reliability of the delivered cooking oil refinery projects. The very fact that almost all the tests conducted by us generally result positive is an evidence of organizational capabilities of our management team. N&T has delivered projects that provide high reliability, low maintenance and low overall life cycle costs. We are experts in our field with rich experience and best project handling capabilities and have executed entire scale of projects from scratch while maintaining safety and quality standards without any compromise.

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