Solvent Extraction Plant

We provide Procurement and Construction facilities of equipments related to Solvent Extraction Plant. We are accustomed to constructing Solvent Extraction Plants with expertise and our project handling capabilities stand as evidence to the fact. We have executed entire scale of Extraction Plant Projects from scratch while maintaining stable safety and quality standards.


Our management team consists of experts who have a vast experience in Procurement and Construction fields of over more than 15 years. This makes our management highly efficient and reliable in order to provide you with only the best facilities. This fact can also be documented through our current as well as past clients who had the pleasure of receiving our services.

We undertake operations like Installation and Erection of Equipments like Seed Cleaner, Extractor, DT (Dissolve Toaster), Heater, Condenser, Mother Tank, Hot Water Tank, Male Cooler, Dry Cooler, Flaker, Cracker, Cooker, Expander, Conveyors, Cooling Tower, Lump Breaker, Silo etc. We also carry out piping, instrumentation as well as accessories work according to the requirements.

The very fact that almost all the tests conducted by us generally result positive is the evidence of our organizational capabilities.

We Provide Procurement and Construction Solutions to its clients for Projects such as Edible Oil Refinery, Solvent Extraction Plant, Effluent Treatment Plants, Power Plant, RO-MB and D.M Plant, Filling and Packing Units, Piping Racks, Boiler, Industrial Warehouses etc.
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