Procurement Services

N & T Engitech India provides comprehensive procurement services using local resources and its Global Supplier Network. We procure material according to your specification and requirements.

We understand the art of obtaining products and services. To ensure only the best quality delivery to you, our expert team researches and undertakes following tasks in a step by step manner:

» Recognition of Business Needs » Delivery
» Specification of needs. » Expediting
» Sourcing Options » Receipt and Inspection of Purchases
» Pricing and Terms » Invoice and Approval of Payment
» Purchase Order » Record Maintenance

The N & T Engitech’s team carries out the following step by step procedures to meet your procurement needs:

1. BOQ - The Bill of Quantities or BOQ is a document that provides project specific measured quantities of the items required for work identified by the drawings and specifications. Preparing a bill of quantities requires that the design is complete and a specification has been prepared.

The Bills of Quantities has numerous benefits such as:

  • A breakdown of the tendered price, with no contractual status, but providing information for the selection from tenderers.
  • An estimate measure of the work for the tendered price, to be used to arrive at a revised contract price once the actual quantities of work carried out are
    measured. This is the re-measure form of contract.
  • A schedule of rates as the contract basis for valuing variations in the work.
  • A basis for measure of the value of work completed for interim payments.

2. Vendor Development - The process of development of suppliers so that required purchases can be made through reliable suppliers is known as Vendor Development. Reliable supplier is one who should be able to supply required quantity and quality of goods at the most favorable price. It is a continuous process of the purchasing function.

Our Vendor Development process consists of following five stages:

  • Analyze your business requirements.
  • Search for a vendor.
  • Generate RFP & RFQ.
  • Evaluation & selection of vendor.
  • Create a contract negotiation strategy.

3. Product Quality Surveillance - Product quality management has emerged as one of the leading business practices in the past few years. We are also one of those companies who have adopted this business practice to keep an eye on the product quality. Our Product Quality Surveillance help you assure that everything is according to your accepted standards. We strive to provide nothing but the best to our clients.

Our Product Quality Surveillance techniques comprises of following 5 activities:

  • Measuring and tracking cost of supplier quality.
  • Cost Recovery.
  • Supplier Audit.
  • Closed Loop Corrective Action.
  • Engaging Suppliers in Quality Systems.

4. Purchasing 

We Provide Procurement and Construction Solutions to its clients for Projects such as Edible Oil Refinery, Solvent Extraction Plant, Effluent Treatment Plants, Power Plant, RO-MB and D.M Plant, Filling and Packing Units, Piping Racks, Boiler, Industrial Warehouses etc.
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