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Welcome to N & T Engitech Private Limited, a firm that has actively been operating in the Procurement & Construction sector. We pride ourselves in our understanding and knowledge of the local regional markets whilst offering our clients with an access to the Global network. As a privately-owned organization we do not answer to shareholders, corporate managers and hierarchy pyramids; in this way the clients and their partners at N & T are most important, with all other systems developed to support them. With services ranging from Procurement to Construction, N & T aims to support you at all stages of your business.

It gives me great pride in sharing with you, the fundamentals upon which N & T was built and has been operating.

Powering an Economy: N & T’s operations span virtually every aspect of project planning and construction, including preliminary operations, planning management, environmental impact assessment, design and bidding, safety management and environmental monitoring.

Building for the future: N & T employees bring with them a depth of knowledge, experience and expertise which can only be gained from studying and working in different countries around the globe, while the company itself has formed a series of strategic alliances designed to expand the scale and scope of its operations.

Concrete Thinking: Since the company's inception, quality control and the provision of first-class client services have played a leading role in all aspects of our operations. 

A Solid Partner: Experienced Engineers and Employees with almost 20 years in the field understand the value of a client and have helped us in keeping our clients satisfied by maintaining steady relations with them. This also enables us to understand your requirements in a better manner which ultimately leads us to delivering projects that are up to your mark.

Quality, ingenuity and reliability form the core of N & T’s operations, coupled with a high level of professionalism and first-class service. We appreciate your time taken to explore our website. Whether you are a potential or current client, search professional looking to make a career change or a candidate seeking a top-quality opportunity, N & T always has something to offer.


We Provide Procurement and Construction Solutions to its clients for Projects such as Edible Oil Refinery, Solvent Extraction Plant, Effluent Treatment Plants, Power Plant, RO-MB and D.M Plant, Filling and Packing Units, Piping Racks, Boiler, Industrial Warehouses etc.
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